Forbes Under 30 Summit 2018- Boston

Referred to as “The Athens of America”, Boston is the closest one gets to the Old World in the New World. Famous for heralding in the revolution and the birth of the Free Land, Boston’s vivid history and culture have captivated visitors from near and distant lands.

With its narrow streets, Georgian era buildings, and distinctively European air, the historical city remains one of America’s most intimate metropolises. I don’t mean to say there is a scarcity of contemporary attractions; the well-manicured parks, chic cafes, and neighborhoods like Back Bay display modernity that is familiar with American capitals. But, after visiting Boston I think I can safely say it is a modern city that is unashamed to revel in its rich history.

Enriched in vibrant history, it is quite fitting that the 2018 Forbes Under 30 Summit was held right in Boston, Massachusetts. The summit was held at Boston’s City Hall between September 30th and October 3rd last year. The event is dedicated to sector-specific networking and activities hosted last year by investment company JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Boston City Streets are clad in a robust combination of both modern and historical architecture.

Although the weather unfortunately was a bit unpleasant for the last two days of the summit, and I returned home to death with a cold, it did not dampen the events atmosphere at all. The event drew in over seven thousand young entrepreneurs, business leaders, creatives and visionaries with shared enthusiasm from all over the world. Right to the vibrant heart of Boston.

Yours truly was one of the thousands to be invited to the event last year! This lil’ gal is trying to leave a little print in the world, despite my (sometimes severe) introverted nature. This had been my very first networking event ever, so its safe to say I was freaking out and a felt overwhelmed at a point. I meet some fabulous new people and somehow infiltrated several different groups that had attended in past years. I began to feel a lot more comfortable.

Just look at that smile >.<

The first day of the summit was kicked off with a concert of a talented line-up. Consisting of Electronic Music DJ and producer Marshmello, popular for his hit songs like Happier and Wolves ft. Selena Gomez. Platinum-selling artist Russ also performed and beat-boxing champion Butterscotch. It was hardly a surprise that the concert was buzzing from beginning to end.

Recording Artist Russ performing at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston
Artist Russ performing at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston

David R. Liu, a Director at Merkin Institute of Transformative Technologies in Healthcare attended the event too. David is well-known for leading the study into improving CRISPR Gene Therapy and developing a “base editor” that can substitute one letter of a DNA strand for another – making it a possibility to treat genetic disorders caused by a single defect in the DNA. An assistant Harvard professor at the mere age of 26, David Liu is also a chemist, an inventor, and an entrepreneur who has founded five companies with his sixth entrepreneurial venture still in the inception stage.

Harvard and Berkeley Alum David R. Liu, now Director of the Merkin Institute of Transformative Technologies in Healthcare

Nat Turner was another notable attendee to the event who was also one of the headline speakers of the summit. He is the CEO of Flatiron Health, a company that develops software for cancer centres and help them organize patient information and shares it with scientists. Prior to co-founding Flatiron Health, he co-founded Invite Media, an advertising tech firm that developed the first commercial advertising stage for purchasing and optimizing online media. At the age of 24, he sold Invite Media to Google for $80 Million.

Forbes did not go wrong with picking the headline speakers. John Kelly– America’s former Secretary of State, Steve Case– the co-founder of AOL, Yvonne Orji– Comedian and Actress, Diane Wu– Co-Founder & CEO of Trace Genomics were just a few among the 200 picks. Artist Cardi B and Gary Vaynerchuk- digital marketing guru and the Chairman of VaynerMedia, were slated to speak too but unfortunately, did not turn up last minute.

Forbes Under 30 Summit- Motown Detroit 2019

Starting from this year, Forbes is bringing the immersive Forbes Under 30 Summit to Detroit for the following three years. In order to bring recognition and support for the efforts many young entrepreneurs are making to reinvent and revitalize the former Motor City of the Western world.

Skyline of the city of Detroit, Michigan from the shoreline.
Skyline of the city of Detroit, Michigan

Alongside Mayor Mike Duggan, Detroit Pistons Power Forward Blake Griffin who made the cover of Forbes this year and many other vital members of the community. Combined efforts between company headquarter location, renovations to the city infrastructure and new investments have generated more than $13 billion to the city since 2006.

The first Forbes Summit in Detroit is presented by Rocket Mortgage and will be held from October 27th-30th of 2019. Like every year, the goal is aiding bringing together brilliant minds to learn, collaborate, network and exchange ideas.

Tickets have already gone on sale for the event this year. However, a list of speakers and/or performers has not been released by Forbes as of yet. Either way, I’ll be out there this year and look forward to meeting many more trailblazers. Maybe I’ll meet you there? In the meantime, I’ll prepare.

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