Hello World!

I want to welcome you to a warm slice of my mostly crazy world!

If the thought of learning to code and program has been in the back of your mind, but you just don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! I created this blog to document my journey from being a nurse to learning Web Development and then becoming a Software Engineer.

As a Nurse, I have a strong background in healthcare and naturally come with an honesty and trustworthiness clause. That means I’ll be keeping it straight up and honest with you, I’m actually not very healthy myself, not only physically but mentally too.

I have been working on improving my health through fitness and nutrition. I’ve faced many challenges, like constant procrastinating, lack of planning, straight up laziness lol but, who hasn’t? In addition to my health journey, I have been trying to discover new places and people through travel and visits. Since I’m still in college at the time of beginning this it’s safe to say I’m broke as hell, so a lot of things I recommend will be free or at least budget friendly. Regardless, you’ll get to see what my life is like trying to balance my mental and physical health plus everything else first-hand.

*Witness the struggle!*

After entering deeper into the more technological side of the STEM community, I quickly realized a great need and resolved to address this; female underrepresentation. This is especially true for Hispanic and African American women which currently make up the most under-represented groups in the Tech industry according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Women in general only make up approximately 26% of professional computing occupations as of 2017. Therefore, in addition to my normal life craziness, a section of my blog will be dedicated to teaching others how to get started with learning programming and coding, for free.

My goal is to help remove the taboo and feeling that learning to code and program is hard and/or impossible, for EVERYONE (so of course, that does include our Male counterparts which also have a lot of valuable knowledge to offer). A lot of people have the perception that if they do not possess a strong mathematical background or have expert level knowledge of computers they wouldn’t be able to learn how to do this, which is 100% untrue.

Let’s be honest, if that were the case I never would have graduated from school. I do not have strong Math skills, AT ALL!


I have taken it upon myself to help shift this thought-process by providing easy to understand material, tutorials, and resources in order to get you started on this great journey. Hopefully planting seeds in everyone that I come across to increase their desire to grow their knowledge base, skill sets, or even just make this a hobby. *Coding can be a lot of fun…sometimes… lol*

Besides coding and programming information, I also will be documenting my adventures, products I frequently use and/or recommend, and tips/tricks to keep your health on point while getting started with your new journey. Specially with programming since being on the computer for long periods can lead you to a very sedentary lifestyle. Over time, this can greatly impact your health, particularly your spine!
It’s super important to keep and maintain healthy habits so your body doesn’t deteriorate before time.

Please go to “Start Here” above to get the low-down on what you will need to get started coding. Also, don’t forget to FOLLOW ME below to receive email updates with the most recent information and blog posts.

Thanks again for coming!

Sincerely wishing you many bear hugs,



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