Hello there darling…

Welcome to MasielMorillo.com – a little odd referring to yourself in website third person mode lol, but I’m assuming you’re here to read an audacious blog post or find out a little more about sassy ol me, huh? Well, in short I’m a latina-in-tech lifestyle blogger, digital artist, period power and preventive health advocate, freelance software developer, sometimes-public speaker, and entrepreneur-in-the-making.

*Phew* try fitting THAT on to a business card! I know, I’m all over the place lol. Click below to read more about my blip!

Latest Posts

Period Gone MIA: Reasons Why Your Cycle Has Stopped

The human body is a magnificent display of intricate processes and elegant wonder. For women, one of these displays is through our menstrual cycle. While women, in general, each have varying attitudes and opinions towards their periods, menstruation can be an indicator of our overall health.

Boston Weekend Getaway

Named after the town of Boston, in the English county of Lincolnshire, Boston, Massachusetts is now a booming city where both the new and old share their authenticity.


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